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About us

Due to a lack of temporary and crisis accommodation to those experiencing homelessness and safe spaces for those wishing to abstain from alcohol or other drugs, Safe Waters Community Care Inc. was established in August 2019 by a small committee who care about our local community and have a heart to assist the most vulnerable people in our local area including, but not limited to; people experiencing homelessness, those fleeing domestic violence and assisting people with substance misuse difficulties.


Our team consists of members with expertise relevant to these fields who share a love for God and all people. We will network and draw upon relationships with other organisations to involve a broad section of our community as supporters whether as individuals or as group entities.

By bringing community members together to support people experiencing difficulties, we envision that our organisation and the services we offer will benefit our local community as we address homelessness in our local area by operating a safe shelter, providing nutritious meals, support people and offer transitional housing for the most vulnerable people in our area.

Please refer to our Services page for the services we provide and projects we are working on

Our Vision

Bringing our community together to support the most vulnerable people in our local area by assisting to meet their immediate needs, build hope and improve their future wellbeing.

Our Mission

Our Purpose

Safe Waters Community Care Inc. addresses the impact of social disadvantage by providing safe spaces. Through expressions of love, compassion and hope, we provide practical relief from homelessness, social isolation and poverty. We are motivated by our love of God and for all people.

We Need Your Support Today!

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