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Our Services & Projects

Below are our services and projects we are aiming to offer in our local area - Ulladulla

Safe Shelter

A Safe shelter in the heart of Ulladulla offering a night by night crisis accommodation service for those experiencing homelessness in the Ulladulla area. This service is run by paid staff Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm with the rest of the time being run by volunteers with alternating shifts from 5pm - 9am. Please head to our donate/volunteer page for details on volunteering. In partnership with MUM Real Estate and a local church donating our rent, relying on donations and volunteers to keep this service running.


Opening hours: 9am - 10pm

Address: 88 South Street, Ulladulla

Ph: 0457 740 951

(For our guests: assessments will be conducted nightly to assess priority and eligibility - a guest agreement will need to be signed)

Men & Women's shelters

We have secured 3 seperate buildings in our local area. After establishing a general safe shelter in South Street, we are in the process of finishing a renovation which we will move to whilst we finish our third premises. South St will become a transitional house for those transitioning from the shelter into longer term accommodation, our Highway shelter will become our general Safe Shelter and once our third premises is complete we will then seperate men and women guests into the appropriate shelters.

Detox Safe House

This project will be further down the track and will be separate again to the safe shelter. We aim to secure a permanent house/structure to use as a safe space for anyone wishing to detox from alcohol or other drugs. This project will require funding which we will apply for either through government grants/funding and/or donations. There will be trained professionals on site at all times whilst the facility is being used in order for a safe detox to take place, once detox has been successful the person will be referred to a rehabilitation service for further and ongoing treatment and then on to a post rehabilitation support service.

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