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Our Services & Projects

Below are our services and projects we offer in our local area - Ulladulla

Safe Shelter

We operate a safe shelter in Ulladulla offering a night by night crisis accommodation service for anyone experiencing homelessness. This service is run by paid staff every day from 9am to 5pm with the rest of the time being run by volunteers with alternating shifts from 5pm - 9am. Please head to our donate/volunteer page for details on volunteering.


We rely on donations and volunteers to keep this service running.


Opening hours: 9am - 10pm

Address: 240A Princes Hwy, Ulladulla

(Access via 14 Augenaut Ave)

Ph: 0457 740 951

(For our guests: assessments will be conducted to assess priority and eligibility - a guest agreement will need to be signed)

Men & Womens shelters

We have secured another property in Ulladulla with the aim to seperate our safe shelters for men and women (includes children and young people).

A little about our history...

Our first safe shelter opened 1st November 2020 and was operated on a nightly basis purely volunteer based in South St (a house kindly rented to us by MUM real estate with financial assistance provided by a local church (MUBC). Due to a lack of resources we had to close during the days. 

Groundswell Christian Church then offered their little white house on their property (rent-free) which was in need of much love. Our local community came together to renovate this house through in-kind and material donations and is now our Hwy Shelter. We received funding through different grants which meant we could employ staff and open our doors during the day. This has made a huge difference to our guests wellbeing.

We have kept the South St rental as one of our transitional houses (please see below about our transitional housing program).

We hope to be in our new shelter (operating 2 safe shelters) by Winter 2024.

Transitional Housing

We have partnered with local real estates in the Ulladulla area by renting houses and offering them to our guests at an affordable price. This 3-way partnership gives landlords peace of mind as SWCC guarantees payment of rent, regular contact and support for our guests/their tenants whilst providing affordable accommodation and connection. If you are interested in renting a property to SWCC please get in contact to discuss today.


Our staff, volunteers and members provide outreach to anyone who is experiencing homelessness in our local area. This may include; providing meals, shower and laundry facilities, referrals to other services and connection with a sense of belonging.

We Need Your Support Today!

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