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New Highway Shelter

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

We thank the community for their patience whilst we await the final approvals for our new Highway Shelter. Our new Highway Shelter building has been kindly provided by Groundswell Church, and generously renovated by various local organisations, businesses and individuals in our community. It is astounding what our community has achieved in creating a shelter that will help people in our local area who are experiencing homelessness.

Before pics

Many of you have noticed how quickly our community came together to get this project off the ground. It is obvious that many people understand the importance of providing a safe space for our vulnerable community here in Ulladulla and we thank all who have assisted us so far (please see 'about us' > 'our team' for a list of sponsors).

Our new shelter will provide more space than our current shelter has to offer at the moment, which will include 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an open plan living, dining, kitchen and lounge area. This means we will be able to accommodate up to 9 guests with more space to provide privacy and a sense of feeling safe. Our shelter will be accessible with a nice outdoor deck with ramp which will spread out into the backyard. We have new security systems in place and the property will have fencing and privacy screens so that our guests are kept safe and secure.

After pics

We wanted to provide the community with an update as we understand alot of work has gone into this project and many questions are being asked around when we can complete works and move in. We have been holding off reporting in the hope that being granted the approvals wouldn't be too time consuming. However that hasn't been the case. Unfortunately, progress has been frustratingly delayed by the everchanging compliance requirements of Shoalhaven City Council. We are hopeful that we are in the final stages of these requirements in order to progress to completion of our new Highway Shelter and look forward to providing you all with the exciting news of our opening date soon.

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